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Can Beavers swim underwater?

  yes   Answer   Yes, they actually can. they can hold their breath for about 4 to 5 minutes. So they can stay under water longer than most humans.
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Can rats swim underwater?

  rats are born swimmers. While some of the ones bred to be pets would rather cuddle up in the palm of your hand they are natural swimmers and had to be able to swim under (MORE)

Can monkeys swim underwater?

quiet a few species of monkey can swim underwater, except chimpanzees which have zero body fat and will sink instantly, drown and die
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Who is the blonde dancing in the celebrex commercial?

Maria Luisa Minelli has made an appearance in a Calebrex  commercial. She has been an actress since 2008 and appeared in  several commercials since then.
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How fast can an alligator swim underwater?

Gators don't hunt using speed, they hunt using stealth. At tops they probably only travel like 10 to 20 km/hr, much faster if they have to travel a short distance like to lung (MORE)
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Where is the filming location for the latest 2013 celebrex commercial?

The filming location is called Mac Lake , as in "Macintosh" it is  all done as digital composition. There is no single location ,EG  tropical warm water ,pacific trees ,  (MORE)
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What is special about underwater swimming?

There are quite a number of various aspects of underwater swimming that would cause some to consider it to be special. One specialty is the ability to see other things swimmi (MORE)

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