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When were Montgomery Ward shotguns Made?

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Montgomery Ward did not make firearms. They contracted with makers and had their store brand put on them.
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What year was Montgomery ward western field model 60-sb620-a shotguns manufactured?

Your shotgun was made for Montgomery Wards by the Savage arms Company.The Savage Model 620A and your Model 60-sb620 are the same shotgun.These Savage model 620A shotguns were

Who manufactured Montgomery Ward Western Field Deluxe shotguns?

  Answer     I can't find any Western Field Deluxe models in my lists, but M60, M61, S861, SB66, SB60A, and SB067 are all Savage 620 Deluxe or Savage 621 Deluxe m

How much is a Montgomery Ward double barrel shotgun worth?

Probably not a lot. There are manufacturer's names in firearms that make heads bow - Montgomery Wards is not one of them. They didn't make it, of course, there was no "Montgom

What is a Montgomery Ward Stevens Model 520 pump shotgun worth?

  Answer   Check the price of a new pump of similar quality and the same gauge in any sporting goods store and figure your used gun is worth from 1/2 to 3/4 as much.
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Who made Montgomery Ward Chest Freezers?

You are probably not going to recognize the name but the chest freezers were made by Franklin (at least during the mid seventies and eighties). Some of the smaller chest freez

What is the value of a Montgomery Wards Model 1929 Hercules shotgun?

    Answer       I have the same, purchased by my Grandpa and having been in my family since new. Upon giving me the shotgun, my Mother consulted a gun

Where can you buy a Montgomery Ward shotgun?

%DETAILS%    Answer   Don't see many catalog named shotguns, but keep watching the online auction sites like gunbroker.com. If you will settle for "similar" look fo