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Is Dr Phil a licensed Dr?

He went to University of North Texas for his PhD, a 4th tier  college, which means it has the lowest ranking. His Ph.d thesis was  on rheumatoid arthritis. He was ordered to

Who is Dr.. Phil?

Dr. Phil hosts a TV show where he provides advice and counseling for individuals, couples, and families struggling with any issue that they may be facing. His goal is to help

What is Dr Phil show in tv is about?

He helps people with problems on national television. For example, drinking problems, drug problems, family issues.

What kind of watch does Tyler Florence wear?

He has a few but he most commonly wears a IWC Big Pilot, I've also seen him wear a Panerai 217, Rolex Sea Dweller Deep Sea, and a Cartier Santos Chrono. He has very good taste

What should you wear to watch a horse show?

To watch a horse show a person can dress casual. If the horse show  is at a country club where the horses and riders will be showing  off their equestrian skills, a person s

Why does Dr Phil have to curse on his show so much?

Because Dr. Phil is a pompeous Jerk who is so full of himself that he doesn't even know what he is talking about. He just loves to hear himself talk so he goes on and on and a