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Does Dr Phil pay his guests to appear on his show?

Totally Yes there is no doubt about it. if someone says different then i totally disagree with him or her.He appears to be a Huckster of mediocre advice at best. Often on the…

Is the Dr. Phil show repetitive?

  By its nature, the Dr. Phil show has to be repetitive. There are only so many topics available to the genre, so the material is shown in varying lights. Essentially, Dr.…

How much does Dr Phil pay guests for being on his show?

All talk shows pay their Guests a small stipend In addition, air flight, hotel and food are handled by the production team.

What is Dr Phil show in tv is about?

He helps people with problems on national television.For example, drinking problems, drug problems, family issues.

What wrist watch does Dr house wear?

  hamilton khaki king auto

What kind of gold watch does Dr Phil wear?

It's a Rolex Yachtmaster in 18K gold.

What is today's topic on the Dr. Phil show?

Helping a family member to get motivated to himself more.

What kind of wristwatch does Dr Phil wear?

Cartier Roadster 18kt Yellow Gold Chronograph XL Mens Watch W62021Y2

What kind of wrist watch does Ellen degeneres wear on her show?

Rose gold Rolex Daytona

Where do Marty and Erin live from Dr Phil show?

In Florida

Has Alexandra of the Dr Phil show lost custody of her children?

Yes, unfortunately she has. Her parents have custody of all three of the children. Her youngest son, who is less than a year old was born drug addicted. He was hospitalized fo…

Did Oprah Winfrey give Dr Phil his show?

yes she gave him and Dr.Oz money for a show

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