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What is a solar nebular?

A solar nebula is basically a dead star, which has exploded, and shrunk, or turned into a black hole
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Four lines of evidence that supported the hypothesis of continental drift?

(1) Numerous fossil matches exist on continents that are separate today. Fossils are most similar from the time of Pangaea (200 mya). Fossils from different continents become (MORE)

What evidence supports the nebular theory?

The standard model for formation of the Solar System is that it formed from a giant interstellar cloud. What is the evidence to support this theory? Perhaps the most convincin (MORE)

Step by step of nebular hypothesis?

1) The solar nebula collapses; 2) The Spinning Nebula Flattens; 3) Condensation of Protosun and Protoplanets; 4) Massive expanding gas clouds; 5) Planetesimals collided a (MORE)

What evidence did Hess have to prove his hypothesis?

It can be seen through experimentation that no matter what pathway a reaction takes to reach its final product, the energy change is always the same. For example, to make carb (MORE)
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What is teoryang nebular?

NEBULAR TEORYA, isang advanced na teorya sa account para sa pinagmulan ng solar system. Ito ay mariin ng isang haka-haka; Hindi ito maaaring ipinapakita sa pamamagitan ng pa (MORE)

How did Galileo's observation provide evidence against the previous hypothesis?

Galieo was the first scientist to study the night sky  systematically with a telescope. One of the things he discovered  was the phases of Venus, which had not been seen bef (MORE)