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Are the big bang and the solar nebular theory the same thing?

No. Basically, the big bang hypothesis explains the formation of the universe while the solar nebular theory explains the formation of the solar system. The big bang hypothe (MORE)

Definition of nebular theory?

A hypothesis concerning the origin of the solar system according to which a rotating nebula cooled and contracted, throwing off rings of matter that contracted into the planet (MORE)

What are 3 problems with the nebular theory?

The first problem with the theory is that the sun rotates too slow  for the theory to explain. Another problem is that the sun would  fly apart if it were as explained in th (MORE)

What is a nebular cloud?

Nebular clouds are clouds filled with gas and dust in outer space.  Nebular clouds are thought to be the environment that created the  molecules needed to begin life on eart (MORE)

What do you have to do to a hypothesis?

when you have a hypothesis, you have to guess what will happen during your expierement before you start testing it. for example if you are doing a project on heredity then you (MORE)