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What is a food chain?

What is a food chain?

A food chain is a linear series of links starting with one specific species that eats no other species in the web, and endling with a specific species that eaten by no other s…

What is food chain?

A food chain is a diagram, of some sort, that describes how energy is passed from one living thing to the other. Commonly, there are three or four "levels" of a food chain - e…

What is a peacocks favorite food?

What is a peacocks favorite food?

  Answer   A peacocks favorite food is uncooked corn.   Answer   Peafowl will consune just about any feed grains. For a real treat they LOVE dry dog and cat f…

Food chain and food web?

A food chain traces the movement of energy flow from one organism to the next. A chain usually starts with an autotroph that converts energy from the sun into chemical energy …

How do peacocks get their food?

How do peacocks get their food?

Peacocks (peafowl) get their food mostly on the ground like small snakes, lizards, frogs, bugs, flower petals, bananas, seeds, grains, and left out food by humans.

What is a peacocks food chain?

What is a peacocks food chain?

well one way that i know it is : the wood grows, the termites eat wood, and the peacock eats termites and a bear eats peacocks

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What are food chain and food webs?

A food chain is when there are two or more species called a prey and predator that eat each other (consume) The predator is called a consumer, whereas something like a plant w…