In an interview, Executive Producer Bertram van Munster said, "it's about time we start developing a new genre, we open new doors, we create a fairy tale and now we put reality contestants in this world, and you get very unexpected reactions as a result of that." What sort of reactions have you received from viewers so far?

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Cotton swab drug test?

A cotton swab drug test is one that is performed to see if the  person has done any drugs. A cotton swab is used to wipe the inside  of the cheek and check your system for d

How do you pass a swab drug test on marijuana?

Saliva tests are able to detect use within the past few days.Detection is available immediately upon use and usually detection period for Cannabis -Up to 14 to 24 hours (prime

Can marijuana be detected by a swab drug test?

Sure. THC the main ingredient in MJ can be detected in any kind of test - hair, saliva, urine, blood. This is the most recognizable drug and it's stays longer than any other d

How do you cheat on a mouth swab drug test?

how do i beat a swab drug test You don't - we catch them all. The worse possible thing for you to do is to follow any of the advice given on the web. We watch for all of that
What does inconclusive mean for a swab test?

What does inconclusive mean for a swab test?

Inconclusive generally means that some of the compounds the test was trying to detect were found, but not in sufficient concentration to mean a positive result.

What drugs does a swab test detect?

A swab test doesn't detect drugs. A swab test detects infections. I must disagree. Swab tests are often used to sample infections, but can and, in some places, are used to de

Can a cotton swab drug test be wrong?

They can return false readings but don't count on it. They can and will re-test.