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Will methocarbamol show up on a swab drug test?

no because it is not a controlled substance....its used for your  muscles if thats the case then tylenol, ib prophine will show up  which they dont so no only street drugs o (MORE)
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How can I pass swab drug test today?

You need for 2 days to pass a swab drug test because I have given in drug test in my office and passed within 2 days, Saliva test the drug within one step through device chrom (MORE)
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Is methadone tested for on a standard mouth swab drug test?

No! The professional ordering the swab, has to pay way more for this level of drug testing, and I highly doubt they will do so!
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Can suboxone show up on a mouth swab drug test?

Yes It can,But it is a very rare and expensive test that they have to do seperate very rare
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What drugs does a swab test detect?

A swab test doesn't detect drugs. A swab test detects infections. I must disagree. Swab tests are often used to sample infections, but can and, in some places, are used to de (MORE)