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You started rapping at 14. What made music a passion for you back then?

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What guitars are good for punk?

Any solid body guitar really. I wouldn't recommend any hollow body guitar or a model that feeds back as I imagine you'd want the gain high if you're playing punk. Anything wit
What Movie did daft punk make?

What Movie did daft punk make?

Daft Punk had directed a movie under the title "Daft Punk's Electroma." (2007) They also released two more which a based on video clips for thir more well know Electronica/Dan

How do you make a Daft Punk Helmet?

Dont read the rest it is stupid and does not help answer the question. just get a motorcycle helmet. cut some stuff of, glue some stuff on. oh yeah, paint it either silver or

What are some good emo goth punk bands?

Aiden, AFI, My Chemical Romance, The Misfits, Neurosonic, From First to Last Or if you're looking for emo bands, goth bands and punk bands, here it is: Punk: The Misfits,
What makes Daft Punk unique?

What makes Daft Punk unique?

There is no official way of answering this without the use of one's opinion. In my least-biassed opinion, Daft Punk uses voice vocoders, keyboards, and various other instrumen
How do you make nba edits using apps?

How do you make nba edits using apps?

The NBA Edits pictures use Photoshop to create different layers.  Other apps provide similar features. However, Photoshop allows  customization such as background changes, a

What makes you a punk?

      Punk is a lifestyle. It is not just the way you dress, which is commonly thought. It's about standing for what you believe in and making a difference. And

What are some good punk rock bands?

I'll give you some options: Way early punk rock: The Stooges Television MC5 Captain Beefheart Early punk rock: Ramones Dead Kennedys Clash Misfits Black Flag 90's punk rock:

How do you make your own 1D punk edits?

Well I would use picmonkey.com :) Its the best of the best! And if you want more edits on it I would search for more things like Pic Monkey.

How does daft punk make their songs?

They make their songs in a recording studio using all kinds of equipment including things such as synthesizers. ( electronic music )

What are some good punk bands?

I would say that the below is pop/ some pop punk if you want punk rock/ purer pop punk: NOFX bad religion Sham 69 New York Dolls Iggy Pop+the Stooges Sex Pistols

What are some good apps for a 10 year old on a itouch?

angry birds is good i would also like to improve this answer! try dragon story, most of it is free but you can buy extras, temple run, fruit ninja you can buy a small version

What are some good apps that give you free songs?

pandora, does not give you the songs, but you can hear music you like for free. Another answer: I got an app that let's me download them for free , it's the free music dowloa