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What are some good apps to make punk edits?

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App Store > Punk or Metal
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What guitars are good for punk?

Any solid body guitar really. I wouldn't recommend any hollow body guitar or a model that feeds back as I imagine you'd want the gain high if you're playing punk. Anything wit

Can you get apps on the nook first edition?

I had the same question when I bought my Nook 1st Edition last month. No, you can not get apps on it. The Nook 1st edition is just not what you want to get if you are looking

What are good pickups for punk rock?

Almost anything high-gain. But P-90s work well for old-school punk. A Seymour Duncan invader, a Gibson dirty fingers or 500T, or an EMG 81 works really well for your typical p

What makes Daft Punk unique?

There is no official way of answering this without the use of one's opinion. In my least-biassed opinion, Daft Punk uses voice vocoders, keyboards, and various other instrumen

How do you make nba edits using apps?

The NBA Edits pictures use Photoshop to create different layers.  Other apps provide similar features. However, Photoshop allows  customization such as background changes, a

What are some good punk rock bands?

I'll give you some options: Way early punk rock: The Stooges Television MC5 Captain Beefheart Early punk rock: Ramones Dead Kennedys Clash Misfits Black Flag 90's punk rock:

What is the best photo editing app for android?

Here are some best photo editing apps are listed : (All are for Android) 1. picsart-photo studio 2. Snapseed 3. Instagram 4. Pixlr Express 5. Flickr 6. Photo Editor by Aviary

How does daft punk make their songs?

They make their songs in a recording studio using all kinds of equipment including things such as synthesizers. ( electronic music )

What are some good quotes to put on edited pictures?

she wants to hear she's beautiful" "follow your heart" "never regret something that once made you smile" "if you want the rainbow you have to put up with the rain." "l

What is a good video editing software for making AMV's?

hi if your looking for a free video editing software i would download videopad. it is free and can convert almost any file and you can then use it and convert the finished pro
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What is a good chibi making app?

Well you can't make a chibi! You have to screenshot a stencil from Instagram and download an editing app I prefer draw cast. (To find a stencil just type the hashtag "blankchi