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What are some good apps to make punk edits?

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The conflicts between the Black and Latina inmates never seem to end. Why is this feud such a big part of the 'OITNB' plot and why can't these women get along?

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How does an app make money?

If you're selling it for a price, then obviously you would make something off of that. If you're selling it for free, if it becomes popular enough companies may pay you to pla

What guitars are good for punk?

Any solid body guitar really. I wouldn't recommend any hollow body guitar or a model that feeds back as I imagine you'd want the gain high if you're playing punk. Anything wit

Where is a good website for android apps?

I recommend you AppXoid, they publish great reviews of new Android Applications and Games. If you are looking for an alternative market, I recommend you Getjar. You can find c

How do you make a Daft Punk Helmet?

Dont read the rest it is stupid and does not help answer the question. just get a motorcycle helmet. cut some stuff of, glue some stuff on. oh yeah, paint it either silver or

What are some good emo goth punk bands?

Aiden, AFI, My Chemical Romance, The Misfits, Neurosonic, From First to Last Or if you're looking for emo bands, goth bands and punk bands, here it is: Punk: The Misfits,
What are good pickups for punk rock?

What are good pickups for punk rock?

Almost anything high-gain. But P-90s work well for old-school punk. A Seymour Duncan invader, a Gibson dirty fingers or 500T, or an EMG 81 works really well for your typical p
Is Text plus a good app?

Is Text plus a good app?

Absolutely, if you don't have a phone and you wanna text, it's totally free, and you need wi-fi or 3G to use
What makes Daft Punk unique?

What makes Daft Punk unique?

There is no official way of answering this without the use of one's opinion. In my least-biassed opinion, Daft Punk uses voice vocoders, keyboards, and various other instrumen
How do you make nba edits using apps?

How do you make nba edits using apps?

The NBA Edits pictures use Photoshop to create different layers.  Other apps provide similar features. However, Photoshop allows  customization such as background changes, a

What makes you a punk?

      Punk is a lifestyle. It is not just the way you dress, which is commonly thought. It's about standing for what you believe in and making a difference. And

Can iPad make apps on iPad?

Currently the iPhone SDK only runs on a Macintosh computer. Apple has no plans on releasing this on any other platform including the iPad. Yes, so the simple answer is you c
What is a good app for the iPod touch?
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What is a good app for the iPod touch?

There are so many different types but I would recommend apps such as TapTap Revenge, Pac-Man, Angry Birds, Stick Skater is a good Time passer. Meritum Paint and 3D Coasters wo