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Your show, "You & A" airs in 16 million homes and is on demand on 50 million others. How does it feel to know that so many people see your work on a regular basis?

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Can you get apps on the nook first edition?

Can you get apps on the nook first edition?

I had the same question when I bought my Nook 1st Edition last month. No, you can not get apps on it. The Nook 1st edition is just not what you want to get if you are looking

What makes you a punk?

      Punk is a lifestyle. It is not just the way you dress, which is commonly thought. It's about standing for what you believe in and making a difference. And

What are some good free apps for ipod?

-Facebook -doodle jump -doodle buddy, draw,paint,stencials and more. -taptap , a fun game that allows you to tap your fingers in time with the music. -tap studio, this app all

What are some good emo goth punk bands?

Aiden, AFI, My Chemical Romance, The Misfits, Neurosonic, From First to Last Or if you're looking for emo bands, goth bands and punk bands, here it is: Punk: The Misfits,
What are some good photo editing software?

What are some good photo editing software?

  Adobe Photoshop is by far the best package out there, it costs though. If you are looking for something free, I'd say GIMP, it's lightweight easy to use and still prov

What are some good punk rock bands?

I'll give you some options: Way early punk rock: The Stooges Television MC5 Captain Beefheart Early punk rock: Ramones Dead Kennedys Clash Misfits Black Flag 90's punk rock:
What are some good photo editing apps?

What are some good photo editing apps?

Well the ones that do cost money are deluxfx, colorsplash, and pic blender. Free ones could be pix, PE fotolr, color effects, or picarts. My favorite free one is FotoRus. Hope

How do you make your own 1D punk edits?

Well I would use :) Its the best of the best! And if you want more edits on it I would search for more things like Pic Monkey.

How do you make nba edits using apps?

The NBA Edits pictures use Photoshop to create different layers.  Other apps provide similar features. However, Photoshop allows  customization such as background changes, a

What are some good punk bands?

I would say that the below is pop/ some pop punk if you want punk rock/ purer pop punk: NOFX bad religion Sham 69 New York Dolls Iggy Pop+the Stooges Sex Pistols

What are some good ipod touch apps?

Well- I am an 11 year old girl so if you are like an adult then just ignore it, but I bought bejeweled 2 and it is a really good boredom buster and it is £1.79. There is also
What is a good chibi making app?
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What is a good chibi making app?

Well you can't make a chibi! You have to screenshot a stencil from Instagram and download an editing app I prefer draw cast. (To find a stencil just type the hashtag "blankchi