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Appropriate nursing care plan for koch's disease?

Step 1: Provide students with oranges showing symptoms of sour rot disease. Have students look at the rotten tissue with hand lenses or dissecting microscopes. The fungus can (MORE)
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What is a nursing care plan for patient with psychosis?

Disturbed thought process related to physiological brain dysfunction/ imbalance neurotransmitter.Impaired verbal communication r/t thought disorder.Disturbed sensory perceptio (MORE)

Nursing care plan for enteric isolation isolation?

Protective Isolation describes practices that are used to protect  patients who are highly susceptible from getting infected. This may  include restricted movement, barrier (MORE)

What is poliomyelitis?

disease may be defined as a failure of the adaptive mechanics of an organisms to counteract adequately the stimuli and stress to which it is subjected, resulting in a disturba (MORE)

What is Nursing care plan for abnormal vaginal bleeding?

Abnormal vaginal bleeding can be treated with medication to stop  the bleeding and then contraceptives maybe required to reset their  normal cycle. A woman with bleeding tha (MORE)
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What is the poliomyelitis?

Poliomyelitis is the virus which causes polio. It is characterized by crippled limps and inability to move the limbs. Vaccination is provided all over the world to eradicate p (MORE)