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How much did James Gandolfini weigh?

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During the initial reports about his heart attack it was mentioned that his weight was 260lbs
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How much did James Garfield weigh?

He weighed 185 and stood 6 feet tall. He was solidly built.

Is James gandolfini gay?

I'd love that he IS.But, the best way to know the truth is - asking him "in the face".

How much does James Maslow weigh?

i am James maslow and weigh 172 lbs Okay so if you are James Maslow how much do you way And if you really are James Maslow are think you are so hot and cute Fle ur930 He

How much did James Madison weigh?

James Madison always weighed less than 100 pounds,he was one of the most smallest president's

How much did LeBron James weigh in high school?

In High School Lebron James was 6'7 230 lbs. In the Pros', today hes 6'8 240. Which means he lost weight by now during his experience in the NBA." Thank You For Your Time."
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If you weigh 105 how much do you weigh in kilometers?

Kilometers-distance. you are thinking of kilograms. kilograms- mass. Thats like me saying how many yards in a pound. And weight is messured in newtons you are thinking o