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Halfway Points

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A halfway point is the middle point between two points. Knowing a halfway point is often convenient when planning a trip.
Generally speaking, the midpoint is in Colorado, but this depends on the starting cities. For example, the midpoint between Los Angeles and Milwaukee is along Interstate 76, Commerce City, CO. See also:http://www.meetways.com for something more specific.
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GSP Service Areas Service Areas There are 9 service centers accessible from the Garden State Parkway's mainline that are open 24 hours a day and offer fuel, phone, information, restrooms, a variety of food services and other amenities. All gas stations are Lukoil Service Stations and…
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Try using Meetways.com It lets you find an exact half way point between 2 addresses!
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Answer Halfway would be about 128 miles. The nearest large town to the halfway point would be Oxford, NC at 125 miles.
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Distance from Melbourne to Louisville Distance is 15623 kilometers or 9708 miles or 8436 nautical milesThe distance is the theoretical air distance (great circle distance). Flying between the two locations' airports can be a different distance, depending on airport location and actual route chosen.…
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meridian Mississippi
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Philadelphia is 100 miles from each.
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what is the halfway point from Watertown NY and Norfolk VA
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Northampton by road, Bicester by rail
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Columbia South Carolina and Charlotte North Carolina
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I-26 and I-95 interchange near St. George,SC
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Interstate 20, Morton, MS 39117
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Around just west of Charleston, West Virginia assuming you are taking this route: Take I-64 WEST to I-75 NORTH to GEORGETOWN and CINCINNATI in Lexington, Kentucky.Continue on I-75 NORTH to I-74 WEST via I-275 WEST. (EXIT 185 off I-75 in northern Kentucky near Cincinnati, then exit at EXIT 25 off I-2…
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St Petersburg, Tampa and Bradenton
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Greensboro, GA its 1 1/2 hours way from Augusta and Atlanta
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Colorado and New Mexico.
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Aberdeen MD is almost 70 miles from both DC and Philly along I95. The driving distance from Washington, District of Columbia to Aberdeen, Maryland is: 70 miles / 113 km The driving distance from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to Aberdeen, Maryland is: 71 miles / 115 km The driving distance …
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Raleigh, North Carolina
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Knoxville, Tennessee
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The below given calculated time and distance does not include time spent in traffic, effect of weather and other obstacles. The distance between these two places is 358 miles. The above said location can be reached from the starting position in 6 hours 8 minutes.
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I believe it is either monett or Verona mo.
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Take I-40 EAST to I-95 SOUTH towards BENSON and FAYETTEVILLE at EXIT 328A.Take I-95 SOUTH to I-20 WEST towards COLUMBIA at EXIT 160B in South Carolina.Take I-20 WEST to Dallas. On this stretch, bypass Birmingham, AL by taking I-459 SOUTH (EXIT 136 off I-20) and Shreveport, LA by taking I-220 (EXIT 2…
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Approximately, Sri Lanka is the halfway point between Australia and Dubai.
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Greenwood, NE
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Fort Benning is adjacent to Columbus, GA, which is about 110 miles south of Atlanta.
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look on a map u are smart you don't need us to tell u that homeboy
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The closest point to exactly halfway is a town called East Newnan, GA. If you are planning to stay overnight, I'd recommend Peachtree City, GA, which is only 10 miles from there and more likely to have more amenities.
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That would be the point which is equidestant to both Painesville Oh, and Erie PA.
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Carbon Hill, AL
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Grand Rapids, Toledo, Dayton, Cincinnati, Lexington (Ky), Knoxville, Chattanooga, Atlanta, Macon, Orlando. Distance: about 1,280 miles.Driving about 21 hours non stop.Source: Google Earth.
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Not sure about the exact midpoint, but the largest cities near the midpoint are White Plains, NY and Danbury CT. Both are both pretty close to the halfway point between Philadelphia and Worchester.
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Orangeburg, SC exit 145 off I-26
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The border of Kansas & MO. But really a better question is city to city. I did it by extreem border to closest state border... In AutoCad
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Somewhere in Kentucky north of Lexington. I'm assuming that you're taking I-75 and will cross into Ontario at Windsor/Detroit. Taken that ride many times. Keep in mind how big Ontario is. It's quicker to drive from Toronto to Miami than it is from Toronto to Thunder Bay.
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Grand Rapids, Michigan
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Suffolk VA? Spelled different in question.Edison, NJ is within 5 miles of exactly half way
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Newport, TN is approximately in the middle
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It would be around Columbus, Nebraska, which is northwest of Lincoln.
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Divide the total distance between cities by half.
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Interstate 20, Clinton, MS 39056
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560-1328 State Highway 15, Luverne, AL 36049
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Interstate 81, Radford, VA 24141
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Omaha Nebraska is within a couple miles of half way according to our Friends at google maps
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Depending upon your route, probably Fayetteville, NC.
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A little east of Fort Stockton, Texas.
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If you take the 401, Cambridge/ Kitchener. Technically maybe closer to Ayr, but Ayr is more drug ridden than Cambridge so just play it safe and come to Cambridge. If you take the 403, Brantford. Good native-run casino downtown.
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Richmond or Berkeley ca
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Indianapolis, Indiana
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Lumberton, NC is a good stopping point. I've made that drive. Lots of hotels there.
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I'm assuming Kansas City, MO. Durant, OK is halfway but you could make it to Dallas easily enough.
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246 mi, 4 hours 34 mins according to google maps.
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Get out a map, find the two towns, and estimate the midway point. This is an insane question to ask here.
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