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Does a charged body attracts an uncharged body?

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yes it is same as magnet cause induction in simple coil
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How do you attract men with body language?

Smile is a great starter. Flick your hair about. Have covert communication, wink. I'm assuming that you know the men somewhat. I don't think that more than a smile across the

What is body attachment charges?

Body Attachment is a court order to arrest a person who has failed to appear at court in response to a witness subpoena.

Why neutral bodies attract positively charged bodies?

When we bring a positively charged body towards an neutral body(without touching it), the side of the neutral body which is near the positively charged body gets negatively ch

What is a charged body?

A charged body is a body that was fully charged that can either positively or negatively charged.

How do you charge a body positively?

  You rub it with an object that is lower on the "electrostatic series" (you might want to look that up), or by touching it to another positively charged object which is a
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Can electrically charged objects attract uncharged objects?

Yes, and in fact they do. You can easily see this yourself by rubbing a balloon on a sweater and then "sticking" it to a wall. This happens because of something called "indu
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What is an charged and uncharged object?

A charged object is an object that has either a surplus or deficiency of electrons, and is negatively and positively charged respectively. An uncharged object is a 'neutral'

Can you say that a charged object attracts an uncharged object by first charging it by induction why or why not?

Cönsider a negatively charged object be placed at a fixed position ,now a neutral or uncharged object is slowly introducing into the field which is produced by the electrons
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Explain how a negatively charged plastic material can attract an uncharged bit of paper?

  Charge can be seen relatively here. Does the plastic have a negative charge? Or is it the paper which har a positive charge with regard to the plastic? Well, it doesn't