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Do hyenas live in the rain forest?

Do hyenas live in the rain forest?
yes they do!! smd
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Do elephants live in rain forests?

Yes, though their prime and most common habitat are not rain forests.

What animals live in rain forests?

More than 50% of the animals in the world live in the rain forests.

Do chimpanzees live in rain forests?

Chimpanzees live in the rainforest because they like to have lots of babies they with there husband Chimpanzees. no they dont thTS DUM

Where do toucans live in the rain forest?

  Toucans live in tropical or montane rain forest.

Where does the salmon live in the rain forest?

  If you're talking about the north-west rain forest, there are salmon runs from the Frasier river north to Alsaka. All salmon runs south of the Frasier (excepting Vancouv…

Do monkeys live in rain forests?

  Yes, some breeds do.

What lives on the Forest Floor of a Rain forest?

Termite, Giant Earthworm, Millipede, Beetle, Fungi, Moss, Frog, Lizard.

Do rats live in the rain forest?

yes but only if they are driven out of there habitat

Do hedgehogs live in the rain forest?


What animal lives in rain forest?

Spider Monkey, Sloth, Macaw, Toucan, Anaconda, Catfish, Piranha, Jaguar, Howler, Capybara, Bats, Eagles, Humming Birds, Toucans.It also includes fishes like Electric eels &…

Do camels live in rain forests?

yes, it's rare but they do.

Do chinchillas live in the rain forest?

no they do not. chinchillas can have a be a house pet because they do not harm anyone and are friendly, and don't need the rain forest to survive. originated in Asia and the E…

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What rain forest do the toucans live in?

Toucans live in most equatorial rainforests (RF near the equator) due to the warmth and humid climate that toucans love. An example of an equatorial rainforest is the amazon r…