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Do hyenas live in the rain forest?

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yes they do!! smd
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Do rabbits live in a rain forest?

yes, most people would say that its highly impossible for a rabbit to live in a rainforest but im doing a report on the harpy eagle wich only live in rainforests and they ea

Does a peacock live in the rain forest?

  Yes a peacock does live in the rainforest. A peacock is actually male. The female is called a peahen and the babies peachicks. Pehens are a brown coloured.

Do chinchillas live in the rain forest?

no they do not. chinchillas can have a be a house pet because they do not harm anyone and are friendly, and don't need the rain forest to survive. originated in Asia and the E

Do white tigers live in the rain forest?

yes because Tibet has rain forests and u can find some tigers there. but it's rare to see a white tiger in it's own habitat. because of there coat.

What rain forest do the toucans live in?

Toucans live in most equatorial rainforests (RF near the equator) due to the warmth and humid climate that toucans love. An example of an equatorial rainforest is the amazon r
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Do baboons live in the rain forest?

yes Baboons can be found in the rain forest. Baboons are found in  places where there is water and high places to sleep.

Do rabbits live in rain forests?

No! In a rainforest it is to hot for the rabbits to live. It is too hot and also too wet. It just isn't their habitat at all!