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Difference between essay and objective type tests?

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i think objective type tests are better than essay type tests.cause it takes too much time to solve or attempt and it is lengthy too.....
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What is the difference between a paragraph and an essay?

A paragraph should be centered on one idea only, and is generally much shorter than an essay, which usually consists of many paragraphs.   In an essay, you could explore ma

What is the difference between a summary and an essay?

Summarizing something is like paraphrasing it. Making it smaller while still holding the general gist of something. People generally summarize when they are taking notes. An e

What is the difference between object oriented testing and conventional testing?

Conventional testing is the traditional approach to testing mostly done when water fall life cycle is used for development, while object oriented testing is used when object o

What are the types of objective type tests?

what are the types of objective type test The type of objective type test are recall type test and recognition type test. Under recall type test are (a) simple recall (b)

What are the differences between objective test and essay test?

  In an 'objective' test, such as a test consisting entirely of multiple choice questions every answer is unambiguously correct or incorrect (if the test has been devised

Comparison between objective type and essay type tests?

the questions frammed in essay type test are charachterized with thier demand from students to respond by providing quite lengthy.descriptive detailed and ellaborated answers

What is the difference between an assigment and essay?

  An assigment can be anything that is assigned to you. For example, you might be assigned to read a chapter in a textbook, or look something up on the internet. An essay
What is the difference between a draft and an essay?
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What is the difference between a draft and an essay?

An essay is a final edition of a completed paper. A draft is the "prototype" of the article in question. In the draft phase, the paper is reviewed for problems with grammar, s