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Cheat codes for GTA myriad islands?

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Same as in Vice City
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Savegame for GTA myriad islands?

hey...if you wanna save your game in myriad islands then there are i think 2 places...1)first is the hotel..u have to buy hotel and their is a room where tape sign is there...

Where are safehouses in gta myriad island?

there is a safe house in myriad islands, it is in the opposite colony of pay and spray shop,the house is near the seacoast,inside that you can find a car,backof the house ther

Cheat book GTA myriad island?

  all cheats working in vice city work in it

What are Gta san Andreas cheats and codes?

  weapons include bat,pistol,spray can,shotgun,ak47,r1,r2,l1,r2,l,d,r,u,l,d,r,u

What are the cheat codes for gta 4?

Annihilator Police Helicopter Cell Phone Code: 359-555-0100 Cognoscenti (car) Cell Phone Code: 227-555-0142 Comet(car0 Cell Phone Code: 227-555-0175 FIB Buffalo(undercover co

How do you get missions in gta myriad island?

They are randomly got but i know some. 1. run for the party- got in the dance dance dance building 2. duck-o-mat- got in the dance dance dance building 3. police patrol- got