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Yes they can. They are mammals. They don't have those things that fishes use to breath. They breath from the hole on their head, and when they stay in the water FOR A SUPER LONG TIME they can't breath, and they die. I'm pretty sure.
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Can a dolphin drown in the ocean?

Yes a dolphin can drown . A dolphin needs to breath every 10 seconds. If the dolphin gets stuck or damages it's tail it can't swim up . so it will drown . You should know this

How do dolphins sleep without drowning?

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Can a dolphin drown?

Yes if a dolphin is held underwater by something.

How are ocean dolphins and river dolphins alike?

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What oceans have dolphins in?

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Can a dolphin drown in the ocean why?

they can hold their breath for a long time but since they are mammals, if they stay down for to long without coming up for air they could drowned. so, sadly, yes, but there is