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Can UK teaching assistants counter sign a passport?

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Can teaching assistants countersign a passport
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Your daughter is us and i am a UK passport holder can she get a UK passport?

If you are born in UK, then probably yes she can. Following website  has list of countries and under them are procedures which can help  you out.    Website : www.wik

How big is a UK passport photo?

UK are 3.5cm width and 4.5 cm length

What does a standard UK passport weigh?

My brand new 32 page UK passport issued October 2012 weighs 25g.

Does UK passport have a passport book number?

I phoned the Identity and Passport Service to ask this question and they informed me that the Passport Book Number in a UK passport is the same as the passport number.

Can you return to UK on an expired passport?

You can always return to a country of which you are a citizen. Lack of a current passport is only an impediment to travel to countries of which you are not a citizen.

How much does a UK passport cost?

  £46 for a child, £72 for an adult, fast track options are available for a surcharge.

Can you get your Irish passport renewed in UK?

Yes, you can by contacting the Passport Office of the Irish Embassy in London. Passport Office Embassy of Ireland, 114a Cromwell Road, London, SW7 4ES

How much do passports cost in the UK?

mine cost £20 but i was a baby cuz we went to America but my mum's cost about £70

What is needed for passport application in the UK?

To complete a first passport application in the UK you need:   1. 2 colour photos, passport size and showing the full head. i.e no hats or sunglasses. These may need to be

Can you fly in the UK without a passport?

yes if you are already in the UK then you can flay anywhere in the UK excepy from republic of Ireland as that's not the UK hope that helps

Who can countersign a UK passport?

  Acceptable countersignatures:   * Accountant  * Airline Pilots  * Articled clerk of a limited company  * Assurance agent of recognised company  * Bank/building so

What is the size of a passport photo for UK?

The required size of a passport photo for the UK is approximately  45 millimeters in height and 35mm wide. The pictures can be taken  in photo booths or at the passport offi