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Are there fault lines in north Carolina?

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After you switched coasts, you still decided to come back for Season 3 of Vanderpump Rules. Why did you come back?

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Does North Carolina have a fall line?

Yes, North Carolina has a fall line: it is the boundary between the  coastal plain in the east and the Piedmont Plateau in the central  part of the state. It is a northeast-

What is the frost line in North Carolina?

  The frost line in North Carolina is 12".   See the link   http://www.brunswickcountync.gov/Portals/0/bcfiles/Building_Codes/bldinsp_2006_NC_Code_Proposed_Changes_R

Where are fault lines?

  Fault lines exist where one tectonic plate meets another. For example the San Andreas Fault in California is the boundary between the North American plate (on the east o

North Carolina fault line?

yes in greensboro and in the coast In Western North Carolina there are at least two faults - Laurel Creek and Swannanoa.
What is North Carolina?

What is North Carolina?

North Carolina is a state. It is on the east coast next to Tennessee and under Virginia. South Carolina is under us.

What is the North Carolina fall line?

Yes, NC does have a fault line you will find the fault line path between Anson and Richmond county's and it runs north east through the top of the state and continues to the m

Fault or fault lines?

fault or fault lines are (things) that form from earthquakes that cause building to fall and the ground to shake.