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Afrikaans translation of Nelson Mandela's biography?

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Afrikaans translation of Nelson Mandela's biography?
Nelson Mandela se biografie
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What was Nelson Mandela's message?

Live in peace and love each other, no matter the colour, the culture, the political side or financial conditions. We all are people, we all belong to the same home: Earth.
What was Nelson Mandela's interests?

What was Nelson Mandela's interests?

Nelson Mandela's interests were to free the black people, prevent racism in South Africa, make life the same, treat each other equally. He fought to save South Africa, risking

Who was Nelson Mandela's sister and brother?

Mandela had many sisters and brothers. Lieby Piliso, Nothusile  Bhulehluth, Baliwe Mandela, Makhutswana Mandela, Constance Mbekeni  Mandela, and Mabel Notancu Ntimakhwe were

What was Nelson Mandela's main goals?

Nelson Mandela fought for the freedom of African slaves. And, of course, his goal was to free African slaves.

A biography of Nelson Mandela's childhood?

Mandela was born in Mvezo in Transkei. He belongs to a branch of the Thembu dynasty which reigns in the Transkei Territories in the Cape Province in South Africa. On his mothe

What was Nelson Mandela's childhood like?

Nelson Mandela was born in 1918 and grew up in the small village of  Mvezo. Though his father was a chief, his powers were taken away by  the imperialists and the family was

What is Nelson Mandela's legacy?

Nelson Mandela is still remembered for his contributions to human  security. He showed the incredible strength of the human spirit to  everyone. He effectively ended aparthe