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The Roman Numeral don't have a zero, and you can't make fractions with it. Doing math with it is really complicated.
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What are the advantages and disadvantages of roman shades?

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What are the disadvantages of the ancient Roman numeral system compared to the modern day numerical system?

1 It's archaic and shrouded in mystery 2 It doesn't contain a zero symbol 3 Its real rules governing it were changed in the Middle Ages 4 It's now difficult to work out additi

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using the Hindu Arabic numeral system?

Advantages: It contains an 0 figure which makes all operations of arithmetic to be carried out quite easily. It is a decimal system based on positional place value. It is capa

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What are disadvantages of roman numerals?

Using them for mathematical operations is very complicated, and sometimes impossible.   When dealing with large numbers, roman numerals tend to be very long.   There is

What are the advantages and disadvantages to a numeric keypad?

  Advantages include faster input because of .. ... Proximity of strongly related characters (i.e. numerals) ... Easier to use just one hand ... Shorter travel dista

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using roman numerals?

Advantages of using Roman numerals: In outlines, you can differentiate between indented subsections, giving more clarity to an outline. It is harder to misinterpret a number i

What is the advantage of the Roman numeral system?

A 0 symbol is not needed to carry out calculations in the Roman numeral system. Whereas in the Hindu-Arabic numeral system a 0 symbol is essential to carry out calculations.

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What are the advantages of roman numeral?

With the Roman numeral system only 7 characters are needed to represent numbers whereas the Hindu-Arabic system needs 10. In one of the ancient Greek numeracy systems 27 chara

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